Studio Classes  group and private lesson now Forming  In the Studio at Safir 43 Malmok  If you are looking for something you do not see listed let us know.


Safir is the second left coming from Gold Coast We are right behind Swiss motel

592-7277  other than the first week I normally do not answer the phone during class time.

Private lessons include all supplies for children under 10 - lesson is 45 minutes normally  cost is 45 fls per lesson

297-592-7277    Whats app.


Private lesson for adults over 16 is normally 2 hours, includes all supplies and is 75 fls per lesson.

Get started today! Send us a note.

DISCOUNT Price breaks for families and friends taking lesson at the some time as well as for paying in advance.    Scholarships  for special students.

Private lesson for children 11 to 16 includes all supplies-lesson for 1 hour  and is 45 fls      per lessons